What Does Customer Service Mean To You?

To 90% of us, customer service is more than just a friendly face. There are many components that make up customer service. You want an organization that responds to your query timeously. You want the person responding to you, to be courteous and pleasant. The last thing you want is a grumpy, sour face staring [...]

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Your complex must be a “LIVE” complex- Subject to availability. You must be a brand new Real Broadband Solutions customer.Your pro-rata bill must be paid within 7 days from the days from the day of your activation.  As soon as your line is activated, you will receive an invoice for your pro-rata bill only.If you [...]

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Green fingers

Gardening has a wide range of mental health benefits, many might say it soothes the soul, there are even claims to say it reduces effects of depression, anxiety and anger. There are physical benefits too, such as reducing blood pressure and improving your overall fitness. Not to mention starting your own veggie patch will save [...]

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Stream Live Cricket Games Online for Free

No money in the budget for a TV subscription to watch live cricket? No worries: As long as you’ve got an internet connection, you can still enjoy every game of cricket. Or it could simply be the fact that you are too busy out and about to be glued to a TV screen. So just [...]

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Netflix Reality Shows – Our Top 5 for Jan

Sometimes you want to watch a bit of TV where very little effort is required, this is where the pleasures of reality TV comes in. It’s the kind of thing you can watch while scrolling through your Facebook feed and your brain goes completely numb. MeatEater An absolute treat for carnivores and horror for vegans. [...]

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Top 5 Educational Apps for Kids

The internet has many uses but more and more our little ones are gaining access to the internet where they have opportunities to learn things outside of the classroom. Children become smarter and smarter, so there is great need to introduce different, advanced learning means and methods. Below is a list of our top picks to [...]

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Real Broadband Solutions Comprehensive Service

Real Broadband Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of home and business digital solutions. We supply customised solutions that enable our clients to operate their homes and businesses more efficiently and cost effectively. Our innovative spirit and customer-centric approach enable us to provide competitive products and services. We strongly believe in harnessing the power of technology [...]

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