Netflix Reality Shows – Our Top 5 for Jan

Netflix Reality Shows – Our Top 5 for Jan

Sometimes you want to watch a bit of TV where very little effort is required, this is where the pleasures of reality TV comes in. It’s the kind of thing you can watch while scrolling through your Facebook feed and your brain goes completely numb.


An absolute treat for carnivores and horror for vegans. Its quite simply, a guy travels around eating meat that he has killed. If you enjoy hunting, MeatEater should be right up your alley.

Skin wars

The title kind of gives it away. It’s the competitive world of body painting. Where hopeful contestants compete to be the best. One-by-one the judges cut them down through a series of challenges.

Undercover Boss

They take CEOs, put them in ridiculous disguises and let them work in the lower-level positions of their company. It always generally ends with the CEO offering to pay for the employee’s kids school fees or medical bills or something to pull at your heat strings.

Three Wives, One Husband

This show follows four Mormon families over the course of a year and shows us what the dynamic is like in polygamous relationships

Amazing Interiors

Amazing Interiors showcases “normal” looking homes with stunning extravagant interiors. They visit homes all over the world, and we get to look at all the hard work it takes to create such interiors in their homes.

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