Real Broadband Solutions Comprehensive Service

Real Broadband Solutions Comprehensive Service

Real Broadband Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of home and business digital solutions. We supply customised solutions that enable our clients to operate their homes and businesses more efficiently and cost effectively. Our innovative spirit and customer-centric approach enable us to provide competitive products and services.

We strongly believe in harnessing the power of technology to serve people’s businesses better. Real Broadband Solutions facilitates the seamless access to services such as Internet and Voice.


  • Fibre: Office Park & Residential Estates
  • Open Access Internet
  • Dedicated Business Links
  • Hosted Solutions (VoIP, VPN, Cloud Services and Business Application Tools).


  • Hosted Cloud PBX
  • Onsite PBX
  • Call Centre Voice Software
  • Voice Hardware

At Real Broadband Solutions, we pride ourselves with our excellent customer service culture and customer approach; with service delivery being the biggest flaw in the telecoms industry, we are constantly training our customer service representatives to maintain a professional etiquette when engaging with end users.

Exclusive representatives will be allocated at each site that will:

  • Educate the end user about the services we provide
  • Provide all the necessary information on pricing, installation and processes.
  • Answer any service related questions.
  • Consult on an appointment basis.

Through our advanced support and management, we provide our customers with equipment which is best suited to deliver on their requirements. Our agents are skilled in regards to multiple vendor technologies. Additionally, we manage our customer’s devices ensuring they are monitored, so we are constantly notified about the status of the device. Our configuration backups and notification systems allow us to be notified when changes are implemented on your device so we can constantly keep you in the loop.

We deliver comprehensive support and have an abundance of industry experience that allows us to connect with client in ways no other provider is able to. Your service is our priority.

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