Top 5 Educational Apps for Kids

Top 5 Educational Apps for Kids

The internet has many uses but more and more our little ones are gaining access to the internet where they have opportunities to learn things outside of the classroom. Children become smarter and smarter, so there is great need to introduce different, advanced learning means and methods. Below is a list of our top picks to engage your child’s brains and allow them to have fun while learning.


YouTube Kids Free

YouTube kids offers a safer YouTube experience, using automated systems to choose content from the broader universe of videos on YouTube. Once your child has watched a few videos, the app will start recommending videos on the home screen based on terms that they’ve searched for and videos they they’ve watched. The app is designed to exclude contents that’s not appropriate for kids. Which is also a parent’s concern that your kid might be exposed to things which are inappropriate. If you’re signed in , you can also limit your child to content that you’ve approved. You can pick videos or channels. It’s also has four tabs which you can choose from, Shows, Learning, Explore and music.

Teach Your Monster to Read R79.99

This game is an award-winning phonics and reading game that’s helped millions of children to read. Basically, a child will create a monster and take it on magical journeys – meeting a host of colourful characters. Its perfect for kids in preschool and primary school.

Dragonbox R79.99

This game teaches kids as young as 5 to master algebra. Kids will save Euclid’s island while learning the rules and logic behind geometry. Children can easily discover and understand geometric principles through play and exploration.

Kids Planet Discovery Free

Kids Planet Discovery is an easy to use app with various activities about our world. The content is for 4 and up which includes: Games, activities and videos to learn about animals, cultures, world music and geography.

Magic Kinder Educational App Free

No chocolate is shown in this app but it’s from the Kinderjoy brand. Kids can scan the QR code found in the egg and get to unblock the same surprise or a random one in the Suprisery section of the game. The app also includes, play  & Learn, watch videos, discover the planet, stories.


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