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Hassle-free networking for your home

home network

Ultra fast home
network connections

With everything being connected these days, an efficient home network can be a crucial part of being able to link up your hardware and make sure you enjoy full connectivity wherever you are.

We’ll run network cabling through your home to connect hardware like computers, entertainment systems and range extenders to you Wi-Fi Router or local access node.

With quick deployment, wide coverage, MPLS capabilities, and international breakout from our POPs (JHB and CT), Teraco POPs (JHB, CT and DBN) or NNIs, Real Broadband Solutions empowers your home to connect quickly and efficiently, as well as save on costs.
We provide managed devices services that include, real time trouble-shooting to mitigate down time.

Contact us today to find out more about how our home network solutions can help you.

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