Having partnered with multiple fibre providers, MetroFibre being one of them, they are the guys responsible for digging the trenches and laying fibre in the ground, from there, we take over.

With Real Broadband We Guarantee: 

  • Speedy Installation time

  • Free delivery*

  • Free-to-use Router*

  • Month to Month Contract (1 Calender Month Notice for Cancellation)

  • No FUP (Fair usage policy)

  • Symmetrical speeds

  • Uncapped and unshaped

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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How long will my fibre take?  

The time it takes for your fibre connection to be ready depends on a lot of variables. If fibre is still being laid in your streets or complex, it can take from 6-8 weeks. If fibre is already laid, then it only takes 7-14 days to connect you.