Why Use Us

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Why Use Us

At Real Broadband Solutions we pride ourselves in our management of our client’s networks and key requirements. From understanding the network, and supporting our customer’s needs, to optimising and tweaking the network to deliver more. Through our advanced support and management, we provide our customers with equipment which is best suited to deliver on their requirements. Our agents are skilled in regards to multiple vendor technologies, including Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Billion, Netgear, and more.

Device Monitoring

When we manage our customer’s devices, we ensure the devices are monitored, notifying us of the status of the device. Where relevant, we gather utilisation statistics on the device and display usage from the device for various forms of connectivity. This is displayed through Mission Control (our client portal to viewing relevant usage information).

Keeping You In The Loop

For all devices, we run configuration backups and notifications. These allow us to be notified when changes are implemented on various devices as well as have a backup of the latest configuration. Backups are also stored for break-fixes, where, we keep spares for most of the equipment we have out in the field and on client’s premises. Where needed, we can use a spare device, and using the backed up configuration, have the replacement device up and running to minimise downtime.